Personal Productivity Coaching

Personal Productivity Coaching...

For the Person who...

 Feels like they have lost the ability to focus, find yourself

            procrastinating or multitasking your way through the day

 Never seems to make any progress on their to do list

 Fears continuing to miss deadlines and forget promises made

 Getting increasingly anxious if something does not change


The Personal Productivity Coaching

package includes...

 One-on-one coaching sessions

 Individually tailored content and exercises

 Email responses between sessions

 Access to the Client Console System

 Additional resources for productivity success


Benefits of Productivity Coaching...

 Increased focus   

 Higher level of happiness and feeling of success

 Feel less stressed 

 Elevated sense of control 

 Improved job performance 

 Health boost

 Ability to meet deadlines 

 Sleeping through the night   

 Task delegation   

 Energized to tackle the day 

 More time for hobbies, relaxation, family & friends


Topics Covered...

 Goal setting and planning 

 Boundaries and balance 

 Creating personal systems   

 Prioritization and task management, processes, and procedures 

 Procrastination, Multitasking 

 Time awareness and management

 Office & workspace organization 

 Email, social media and digital distractions clutter management   


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